Sustainability + Transparency – Studio Amelia

Footwear & Accessories

Our footwear and accessories collections are designed between Sydney and New York and proudly made from 100% Chrome - Free Nappa Leather ensuring

Ready To Wear

Proudly designed and made in Sydney, Australia - all of our Ready to Wear pieces are consciously created by a local team of makers.

Sustainability + Transparency

We understand the responsibility we have as a business in the fashion industry and therefore strive to deliver sustainable and transparent business practices into our design and production processes, wherever possible.

Our collections are built on a foundation of sustainable materials and ethical production processes; from FSC-approved Italian Viscose (made from sustainably sourced wood pulp), to Chrome - Free leathers.

Chrome - Free Leather

In the last 12 months, Studio Amelia has switched to Chrome-Free leathers in 90% of our Footwear and Accessories.

Estimates dictate that one pair of chrome-tanned leather shoes consumes 2,257 gallons of water to produce. This water is then pumped back into local waterways, polluting our communities with the same amount of waste.

Switching to chrome-free leathers dramatically reduces our environmental footprint, leading to less pollution, cleaner waste streams, and improved biodegradability.